Rest days


Spending time in the thermal baths is an excellent activity; however, there is so much more to Baile Herculane than just the water. For anyone staying several days in the resort town, it will be helpful to know that there are many other wonderful sights located near the spas. The Valea Cernei National Park is nearby and has many hiking trails for anyone desiring to spend some active time in nature. For anyone looking for more urban things to do, Drobeta Turnu Severin occupies a picturesque spot on the Danube and has all the amenities of a medium-sized city.


The Cerna Valley has the Mehedinti mountains to the south and the Cerna mountains to the north. The mountains are covered with multiple trails, remote villages and gorgeous  landscapes. On your hikes you will come across many types of berries and wild cherry, apple, nut, pear, and plum trees.


Here are some recommended trails. (Please use Google translate for detailed information 🙂 ) :

Natural springs and Thermal baths

There are 16 natural springs in this area. Some of these springs contain large amounts of sulfur, which contain some healing powers, therefore the air you breathe may smell a bit strange.

According to legend, Hercules himself came here to bathe once. But most assuredly the Romans found their way to the thermal waters of Baile Herculane. In Hotel Roman, they are still using Roman baths which are 2000 years! You can even visit these baths when they are not in use.


The outdoor thermal baths are free, rudimentary, and (unfortunately) in bad condition. Because of this, don’t expect anything fancy. You should check them after it get’s dark and see if they are not too crowded.


You can check them here: