Welcome to Herculane

Baile Herculane has been renowned for its hot springs since ancient Roman times. Herculane also contains the greatest concentration of limestone cliffs in the country. Along 25 kilometers, on either side of the road crossing the Cerna valley, there exist (so far!) twenty-one bolted crags which are quite easily accessible from Herculane. The area offers a wonderful example of traditional Romanian life and a unique privilege for climbers to discover this culture.



Why come here for climbing?

  • Had enough of the classic climbing destinations and want something more “exotic”? Herculane offers some of the most beautiful scenery and climbing landscape in the country.
  • Want some FA? There are more than enough open projects.
  • Want some on-sight climbing? There are more than 500 routes ready for you.
  • Tired of crowded sectors? Here you can enjoy a quiet and peaceful experience.
  • Want a low budget trip? Compared to European standards, it is fairly inexpensive.
  • Want some bolting? Contact us and we can guide you to the areas open for new bolting.
  • Wish to enjoy an outdoor hot bath after climbing? Herculane is the perfect place with its many natural hot springs and mineral baths.
  • Want to explore this part of the world? You’ll be pleasantly surprised! Check out our Blog. 😉

What to know about climbing in Herculane?

  • Sport crags are recently developed and still developing, therefore, it is recommended to wear a helmet.
  • The best climbing season is from late March until late October. In the winter, climbing on sunny days at the Faleza sector is also very pleasant.
  • Watch your step! You could come across vipers that will bite if they feel threatened. If something happens, call emergency (112) or mountain rescue (+40 725 826668).
  • Most routes are equipped with quality bolts, therefore, there is no need to worry about them.
  • The best choice for rope length is 70 meters.