HCO 2014


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Info It was the 13th continuous HCO edition and a present for the upcoming Petzl RocTrip.
We decided to further develop the already established Vanturatoarea sector, resulting in Romania’s biggest sector with 113 routes.
Routes in Comp A total of 45 routes were prepared for the competition: 35 for Open (5a-8a), 3 for girls’ master (7b-7c) and 7 for boys’ master (7c – 8c?).
New routes 39 new routes were bolted. Some of the routes have extensions.
Registered climbers 128 climbers were registered.
Masters 1. Bogdan Rus; George Stancescu; Viorel Ene
4.Cristian Man; Catain Petrescu
1. Maria Ionel; Delia Liscan;
3. Camelia Varsescu
4. Ciocan Elena; Catrinel Enache; Racu Dian
Open 1. Catargiu Lucian
2. Bogdan Rares
3. Haragus Vlad
1. Milica Ognanovic
2. Matei Oana
3. Pop Mirela
Hardest Route Strength and honor (8a+) – Bogdan Rus, Stancescu George, Ene Viorel
Main Organizers Alternative Club with: Adi Margea, Andrei Simu, Andrei Preda,  Alexandru Ceausescu, Adrian Marcu, Vlad Cvasa, Lucian Sandu, Doru Bocsan, Iulian Popa, and many more …
Main Sponsors Alpin Expe; ClimbingShop.ro