HCO 2021 Registration


Online registration is no longer available.

For a valid HCO 2021 registration you have 2 options:

Option 1

Step 1. Enter your details in the registration form.
Step 2. Online fee payment available after registering.

Registration fee: 100 RON or 20 EUR until 14 September

Option 2

Step 1. Enter your details in the registration form.
Step 2. On site fee Payment.

Registration fee: 150 RON or 30 EUR

All participants will receive a T-shirt, so please don’t forget to select your size.

T-shirts and participation kits are part of a limited stock, so we encourage you to register and pay the fee as soon as possible, to make sure you receive them. In the unfortunate event that there will be no more T-shirts after you have paid, we will send you one by courier, after the festival.
On site payment will not guarantee that you will receive a t-shirt or a participation kit.

For any questions regarding registration please contact:
Andrei Tomoroga at +40727 919 349, tomorogaa@gmail.com or
Daniela Hogea at +4076 261 6046, dani.hogea@gmail.com or
Adrian Margea at +40723 007 563, adi.margea@gmail.com.
The registration will be validated manually and therefore it will take up to 4 days to be seen in the registration table found here.
Please do not try to register several times!
Should your registration not be visible after 4 or more days please contact the above number.