HCO 2011

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Info This year we reached the 10th anniversary of Romania’s biggest rock climbing competition. It was time to refurbish the old Cariera sector and to raise again its popularity.
Routes in Comp A total of 53 routes were prepared for the competition: 45 for Open (5a-8a), and 8 for the master category (7b+ – 8b?).
New routes Around 30 old routes were re-bolted and 18 new routes were created. Some of the routes have extensions.
Registered climbers 116 climbers were registered.
Masters 1. Silviu Corciovei
2. Sedevi Imre; Bogdan Rus
4. Cosmin Popa
5. Viorel Ene
Open boys 1. Costin Morariu
2. Nenad Matic
3. Nagy Adorjan

Open girls 1. Antonia Trifu
2. Diana Racu
3. Catrinel Enache
Hardest Route Abra-Cadabrrra(8a+) – Silviu Corciovei
Main Organizers Alternative Club with: Adi Margea, Andrei Simu, Andrei Preda, Alexandru Ceausescu, Adrian Marcu, Doru Bocsan, Iulian Popa, Romano Perini, Sorin Batran, Gelu Danila, and many more …
Main Sponsors Alpin Expe; ClimbingShop.ro