HCO 2007

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Info For the 6th HCO edition, we decided to further develop the KM9 sector, resulting in Cerna Valley’s main climbing area.
Routes in Comp A total of 28 routes were prepared for the competition: 28 for Open (5a-8a), and 7 for the master category (7a+ – 8c?).
New routes 30 new routes were bolted.
Registered climbers 84 climbers were registered.
Open boys 1. Nicolas Ecoffet
2. Ivilov Radkov
3. Rumen Neshev
Open girls 1. Radka Petkova
2. Milkava Russeva
3. Paula Vana
Rookie 1. George Maris
2. Gabriel Raileanu
3. Dan Nita Constantin; Szocs Caroly-Csaba;  Laurentiu Popa
Doru Baias; Nicolae Badea; Romeo Chira
Hardest Route Addicted to …(8a) and Tufa King nothing(8a)
Main Organizers Alternative Club with: Andrei Simu, Adi Margea, Cosmin Popa, Dragos Fenesan,  Nicolae Sain, Andrei Preda, Alexandru Ceausescu, Adrian Marcu, Doru Bocsan, and many more …
Main Sponsors Alpin Expe;