HCO 2002

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A brief review…

Info At that time, there were just a few sport climbing routes in Herculane but there was a desire to develop the potential of the valley.
With this in mind, the Alternative Club from Timisoara decided to organize their first climbing competition.
The number of participants was smaller than expected, probably due to the fact that it was the first edition and there was no Facebook back then. 🙂
We got good feedback and it was clear that we were going to continue organizing the HCO every year.
Routes in Comp A total of 5? routes were prepared for the competition from 6a up to 7c.
New routes 5? new routes were bolted.
Registered climbers ?
Open boys 1. Alexandru Presecan
2. Marian Bucneru
3. Dan Ungureanu, Bogdan Bocaneala
Open girls 1. Alina Biriescu
2. Andrea Sleahtenea
3. Luiza Olteanu
Hardest Route ?
Main Organizers Alternative Club with: Andrei Simu, Razvan Dumbrava, Cosmin Popa, Costin Morariu, Gelu Danila, Emil Danila,  Cristian Tecu, and many more …
Main Sponsors Sport Zone