Guri Guri Reloaded

The route Guri Guri was the first 8b at the Vânturatoarea(waterfall) sector and quickly became a classic. After the starting jug broke, the initial boulder that was estimated at around 7B+ has become considerably harder, at around 8A.
In 06.2018, Czech climber Denis Pail made the FA of Guri Guri reloaded, committing and risking a ground fall. He registered his ascent as 8c on the scorecard “6.GO, 8b+/8c, FA after broken hold at the beginning, maybe 8c???”.

On his trip he repeated 24 Karate(8a), Cats(8a), Viper Viper(8a), Arista(8a+), Rusalii(8b), Black Cobra(8b) and Rusty Nail(8b+).