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Access Start from Hotel Roman and follow the road to Baia de Arama. You will pass the Roman sector which is right by the road. Walk for about 3 minutes until you come to the second statue, climb the sidewall, and follow the steep path for 3 minutes.
Street view  –
Sun  No sun
Rain  Most routes don’t get wet.
Family  Access is short but steep. There are a few routes for children.
Easy Routes(<7a)  19
Medium Routes  20
Hard Routes(?8a)  4
Projects  5
Multi-pitch  0


The routes…

Route NameGradeLengthDescription
Toto7a+2 lc
Finala '836b+4 lc
Finala '886c+4 lc
Finala '896c+
Ochi Verzi6c+
Frontal6a+4 lcRebolted in 2014 by Adi Margea
Hotul Inaripat6b40m
Hercules6b+4 lcGrad FRTA: 5A
Le petit Noire7a25m
Tiramisu7b+25mRebolted in 2010 by Cosmin Popa and Andrei Preda, has same first 15m and top with Suhaida.
Suhaida8a25mRebolted in 2010 by Cosmin Popa and Andrei Preda, has same first 15m and top with Tiramisu.
No Panic!7b+25m
Vanatorul Alpin7b4 lc
Try Again6c10m
CrisantemiProjectExtension of Try Again
Ich Will7a+10m
AiramanaProjectExtension of Cocardas
Chicken7b+8mshort, crimpy
Let's Go West6b+7m
Let's Go Back8aTufas and Kneebars
ProiectProject20Intrare comuna cu Let's go Back
ProiectProject20La stanga de 24Karate
24 Karate8aTricky traverse
PricelessProject28open project, around 8b/+. First 15 meters of 24 Karate, then it goes straight up.
Taz412Recommended for children
Shrek5a~ 15 m Recommended for children
Sid5a12 Recommended for children
Tom57 Recommended for children
Pim Pim6a10m
Osul de Peste7b+20m
No Problem Baby in Water6c+20m
3 Lei7b20m
Stone Rider7a20m
Cat Fight7b20m
Pipe & Love7c+15m
Arista8a+15mRecommended, steep arete



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