Km 9

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Info The first routes were bolted for the Herculane Climbing Open (HCO) back in 2004. In 2005 and 2007, the competition was organized on the same sector, resulting in more then 70 routes and transforming this crag into the main sport climbing sector at that time.
Access Drive from Herculane up the valley for 9 km until you spot the “Km 9” milestone.
Approach Walk-time 15-20 min. Start on the stone stairs.
StreetView Start here
Sun Evening
Rain Most routes get wet.
Water No water source available at the crag. On the road.
Family Not recommended for children
Easy(<7a) 28
Medium 35
Hard(?8a) 10
Projects 6
Multi-pitch 1

The routes

Route NameGradeLengthDescription
Pinus Nigra6b15m
Face Off7b17m
Inox6b13mThe classic warmup
Muierii's Cave5b15m
Bobalna Sfinx5c15m
Pusca cu Luneta5a15m
Tiganii in Alerta6a15m
Iron Gates6a15m
King of the Hill7c+15m
Open your mind7a+15mjump
To the Airport6a+8m
Cocostarcul Japonez6c+15mnice faceclimbing
La FIXe6b20m
Apropos6b+20mdirect start to La Fixe
Bulion8a20mcrimpy and technical
Le Frog7c+23m
Bad Habbit7b20m
Gusteru' Parfumat7c+23m
Gecko's SurpriseProject15mopen project arounf 8b+/8c
Free TuningProject20m
Bulbucoman8b20mFirst Ascent : 04.11.2008 by Nicolas Ecoffet
Doi dintre voi8a+15m
SupaplexProject20mcrimpy and technical
Green Power7c15m
Piciorul lui Pinochio7b+20m
Addicted to ...8a15mbouldery
TUFA KING NOTHING8a20mone big slopy tufa
Silent partner8a25mFirst Ascent : Nicolas Ecoffet martie 2010
Baia-Zid7b+7mshort, bouldery
Praf si PulbereProject28Open project, around 8a+
Sapte Mici7aL1: 30m; L2Traseu de 2 lungimi, pleaca de pe terasa de deasupra traseului K1, 5 m mai la dreapta de topul traseului, pe diedrul larg care se vede. Prima lungime de coarda e de 30 m si gradul 7a, a doua 17 m si 6b. Retragerea in rapel pe linia traseului cu un rapel de 45 m din a doua regrupare sau cu doua rapeluri. E nevoie de 16 bucle pentru prima lungime si 10 pentru a doua. Traseul e amenajat pe spituri iar regruparile sunt amenajate cu cate doua spituri cu lant intre ele.
Show me the cascaval7c+25Recommended! Long route with a first crux at the start, power endurace and a spicy finish. Bolted, cleand and FA: Emil Mandyczewsky 2011
A Complex Direct7b12Dierct start of A Complex
A Complex6c+10m
It's ComplicatedProject25Direct start to A complex, climbs trough the roof.
Think Pink7c+16
Think Pink Extension8a21Extension of Think Pink, adds a few meters with a crimpy crux. First Ascent: Adi Margea 2011
Think Fast7b15m
Timberrr !7a15mgood one, a little bit polished
Timberr Top7a+20Extension to Timberr!
Ori-ori Ori-ori7a+15m
Ori-ori Ori-ori ExtensionProject19Extinderea pentru traseul Ori-ori Ori-ori pana la capatul falezei, inca un spit si top-ul. Traseul nu a fost inca curatat si nici catarat.
Cu pasiunea-n sange7c15mBeautiful route
Renus is back7c20mRecommanded
The Crew6c15m
Girls Allowed6c+20m
Ami si Vipera6a+25m
Easy Love6b25m
K2 Limacsi5b2RLMultipitch for beginners, with easy climbing 5b and 4. Use the pine for rappel. A 60m rope is enaugh.
Indexu' lu' Castro7a15m
Verboten8a15mtechnical slab climbing
Sabia lui Damocles8a20
Sah pe Verticala7b15m
Up... To You7c+20m
One More7c20m

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