Km 10

All you need to know…

Info All 24 routes were bolted for the Herculane Climbing Open(HCO) in 2006.
Access Drive from Herculane up the valley for 10km, until you spot the “Km 10” milestone. From parking, climb through the woods on the trail that starts at the end of the concrete sill. After about 100m uphill, the path turns to the left and after another 100m, you reach a clearing. It climbs through a meadow on the right side as you look toward the wall and on the top right corner of the glade, the trail enters the woods again maintaining a relative straight direction to the wall. Access map
Approach Walk-time 20-30min.
StreetView Start Here
Sun Evening
Rain Most routes get wet.
Water No water source available at the crag. On the road.
Family Not recommended for children
Easy(<7a) 11
Medium 12
Hard(?8a) 1
Projects 0
Multi-pitch 0

The routes

Route NameGradeLengthDescription
Comanda Vocala6c20m
For Fun5b10m
Easy Go510m
Easy Way510m
Scara Beu6b10m
Kein Plan7a20m
Fast und Gel7b25m
La 3 pasi de frigider5b10m
Final Step6a+12m
Regles must be Regles7b+25m
Alice in Wonderland7c25m
Wild Honey7a25m
Dear Blueberry7c+25m
Guvidu Flaushat7b+25m
Diesel Power7a25m
Sote de carottes7a25m
Naked Lunch7b+25m

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