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Info “Cariera” (The Quarry), also known as the Feregari Gorge, is situated near Herculane’s bypass road. The first classic routes were put up in the 60’s. In the 80’s, the first sport climbing routes appeared, mainly on pegs. In 2011, for the 10th HCO edition, new routes were bolted and over 40 routes were rebolted making this sector popular once again.
Access  Take the road that goes around the town just above the football field. You will leave your car at a small Gypsy settlement or in front of a guesthouse, take the path straight through the Gypsy settlement, and, after passing the cottages, you will arrive at a spring with good water. From the spring, follow the the path further up the small dry valley and you will reach the gorges.
Approach Walk-time 15-25 min.
Sun The sector is on both sides of the gorge so you can enjoy both sun and shade all day long.
Rain Routes get wet.
Water Water spring on the way to the crag.
Family Not the best but could be ok.
Easy(<7a) 61
Medium 26
Hard(?8a) 3
Projects 5
Multi-pitch 20

The routes

Route NameGradeLengthDescription
Hornul din Zidul Chinezesc?2RLFRTA 4B
No Jump5b3mBoulder on the path, right by the water spring
Icar6b12 mRebolted: Andrei Simu 2011
A Bao A Qu7a12mRebolted: Andrei Simu 2011
Shares top with Paradoxul Blocajului
Paradoxul Blocajului5c11mShares top with A Bao A Qu
Hornul Bobocului6a3RLgrad FRTA 3B
Cercetasul?3RLFRTA 3B, A0
Private7a+10mShares top with Skipper
Skipper7b+12mShares top with Private
Visul Printesei6a+10m
Solitarul?5RLgrad FRTA 3B
Yok Problem7a20mRebolted: Adi Margea 2011
Shares top with Cok Problem.
Cok Problem7a+15mRebolted: Adi Margea 2011
Sahres top with Yok Problem.
Archeopterix6b+20mRebolted: Sorin Batran 2011
Myosotis6b15mRebolted: Romano Perini & Iulian Popa 2011
Shares top with Bestia.
Bestia5c15mRebolted: Romano Perini & Iulian Popa 2011
Frumoasa6a15mRebolted: Anne-Marie Antoch 2011
Bluto6b+15mRebolted: Anne-Marie Antoch 2011
Olive5b15mRecommended for beginners
First Acces6b12mRebolted: Justin Ionescu 2011
Recreatia Mare6a13mRebolted: Sorin Batran 2011
Vis de copil6a+10mRebolted: Sorin Batran 2011
Vis de copil extensie6b+17m
La rascruce de vanturi6a+
Noi vrem pamant5c14m
Levantica6a12mRebolted: Sorin Batran 2011
Andul7a15mRebolted: Adi Margea 2011
Paunul7a+20mRebolted: Adi Margea 2011
BladeProject6m Boulder problem
Mos Aurica6b+25mRebolted: Alexandru Ceausescu 2011
Drumul Taberei7b25mRebolted: Andrei Preda 2011
Tangram5c10mRebolted: Adi Marcu 2011
Stalker6a+10mRebolted: Anne-Marie Antoch 2011
Fluturasul7a15mRebolted: Ioan Preda 2011
No Way JoseProject17m
LL Cool J8a17m
Body Count7c+12m
Dune6a12mRebolted: Anne-Marie Antoch 2011
Creasta Vantului5b2RLFRTA 3B
Hornul Vantului52RLFRTA 2B firt pitch on a chimney, second on vertical wall
Doctorul6a+2RLFRTA 3B
Sex cu Zeii6b23m
Poveste Fara Sfarsit6a23mRebolted: Cristi Tzecu 2011
Voyager5c23mVersion of "Poveste Fara Sfirsit", from the ledge, go right
Fat Bottomed Girls5a8m
Maestrul coborarilor5a12m
Phoenix6b+12mReamenajat: Dan Burcea
Varianta 6+ prin dreapta
Umbla Creanga7b10m
Talk About Your Life5b6m
Bjork7c23mRebolted: Andrei Preda 2011
Has chipped pockets.
Planul cel mare8a30m
Soboru7a13mRebolted: Andrei Preda 2011, also has an extension
Soboru extension7b+30m
Mutulica6c15mRebolted: Andrei Preda 2011 has an extension
Mutulica extension7b30m
Badica6b17mRebolted: Alexandru Ceausescu 2011
Abra-cadabrrra!8a+20mRebolted: Alexandru Ceausescu 2011
Chipped holds
FA: Silviu Corciovei - Mai 2011
Liliacul?3RLFRTA 4Aa>
Rapii6a2RLProtected by old pegs
Iepurasul5c2lcFRTA 4B
Belay points were equipped with bolts in 2010 by Cosmin Codru and Octavia Codru.
Autodafe7a60mRebolted: Andrei Preda 2011
Maria6c3RLFirst pitch rebolted by Alexandru Ceausescu 2011
Pain is temporary7c+
Glory lasts forever7b+
Just Do ItProject20mLink between "Weekend Warrior" and after the roof continues with "Glory lasts forever". Emil Danila started to equip the line in 2002 and was finished in 2011 by Andrei Preda.
Loola5b10mTraseu de acces pentru traseele "Weekend Warrior" si "Glory lasts forever". Are top propriu.
Weekend warriorProject
Uneori moralul6a+27m
Nedeia5c3RLFRTA 4A
Parerea lui Marius5b22mRight of Nedeia.
Fara Epoleti6b12mRebolted: Adi Margea 2011
Feet Your Wear7c12mRebolted: Ioan Preda 2011
Creasta Capitanului5a4RLFRTA 4A
A classic, probably the most repeated multipitch in Herculane. First pitch starts with a 12m a dihedral with a crack, then keep al little bit to the right and follow the pitons. Second pitch starts left of the belay point(a pine) and consists of easy climbing following the piton line, slightly to the right, until ou reach the ledge with the belay point. Third pitch starts with a crack around 5c, keep a little bit to the right until you reach the big pine, used as belay point. Forth pitch starts left of the belay, up a vertical crack, around 5c and climbs to the top of the wall. Rappel on the other side of the wall, use the pines as belay points, a 50m rope is enough.
Hungry Daze6a+10mReamenajat: Adi Margea 2011
Curcubeu de vara7b+12m
Mere Albe7a15mReamenajat: Marius Visnyei 2011
Trecatorul6c+12mRebolted: Rares Micsa 2011
fara nume dreapta de Pluto7b+15mReamenajat : Ioan Preda 2011
De Ce?7a2lc
Strunga Sanzienelor6a+4RLFRTA 4B
Gratis Ba!6b+25m
Reptila5b2RLFRTA 4B
RadioheadProject20mall chipped

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