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Info The sector has two main walls: a wall parallel to the valley – Soimului Wall (falcon wall), and to the right (as viewed from the road) an amphitheater-like wall, hence the name of the sector.
This is one of the oldest sectors in Herculane, and climbing started here in the 60’s. The routes are old, secured with old pitons and homemade anchors. A few routes were re-bolted and are safe to climb.
For the decent, down-climb Valcelul Junglei (Jungle Dale), which starts between the 2 main walls and is secured by cables.
Access Take the road that goes around the town and leave the car above the Minerva Hotel, near the tight bend sign.
Approach Start at the StreetView point and walk uphill for about 30 min.
StreetView Start here
Sun Morning.
Rain Most routes get wet.
Water No water source.
Family Long and difficult access for children.
Easy(<7a) 49
Medium 9
Hard(?8a) 0
Projects 0
Multi-pitch 32

The routes

Route NameGradeLengthDescription
Degetul lui Hercule5c4RLgrad FRTA 3B
Gertrude43RLgrad FRTA 3A
Alfa6b5RLgrad FRTA 5A
Surplombele din Valcel6b5RLgrad FRTA 6A
Diedrul Uitat5b5RLgrad FRTA 4B
Vipera6a5RLgrad FRTA 4A
Victoria6c+5RLgrad FRTA 5A
Belay points were rebolted in 2007 by Gelu Ionescu.
Doina6a4RLgrad FRTA 5A
Cupa Banatului '776b8RLRoute details
Veterani6b8RLgrad FRTA 6A
Gipsy's Kiss7b+17m
Fisura Diavolului7b7RLRoute details
Sonia6a7RLgrad FRTA 5B
Central6b6RLgrad FRTA 6A
Hornul Soimului6a6RLgrad FRTA 5B
Fisura Marianei6a4RLgrad FRTA 5B
Hornul cu Trandafiri5b4RLgrad FRTA 4A
Katharsis6b+4RLRoute details
Prietenia6a+4RLgrad FRTA 4A
Codrut6c+5RLgrad FRTA 4A
O, Frumoasa-i Viata5c15m
Drumul Complexatilor6a+17m
Ploaie de Vara6c17m
Caldura si Belsug6a+17m
Grota Zmeilor6a4RLGrad FRTA: 4A
Hornul Pintenului6a+5RLGrad FRTA: 4B
Pintenul Belvedere6c+5RLGrad FRTA: 4B
Diedrul Pintenului6a2RLGrad FRTA: 3B
Rebolted, can be climbed in one pitch with a 60m rope
Aleea Verde43RLGrad FRTA: 3B
Hornul Partizanului44RLGrad FRTA: 2B
Cirese de Mai6c+16m
Melcul5a3RLGrad FRTA: 4B
16 dec.6c+20m
Gentiana6a+4RLGrad FRTA: 4A
2K6a3RLGrad FRTA: 4A
La Chat6a17m
Go For Break7a+15m
Creasta Curata43RLGrad FRTA: 2B
Yaba Dabba Do7c+30m
King Louie7a+30m
Hornul cu Fereastra6a3RLGrad FRTA: 4A
Dumbrava Minunata?
Creasta Surprizelor6c+4RLGrad FRTA: 3B
Cirese de Mai6c+15m


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