Bogdan Rus climbed “Rusty Nail” 8b+


Bogdan Rus climbed the route “Rusty Nail” at Vanturatoarea sector in Herculane. He is the first Romanian climber who nailed the test-piece! This is also the hardest route ever climbed by a Romanian in the Cerna Valley. The route was originally bolted by Gerhard Hornhager for the Petzl RocTrip and has been ascended 4 times by the following climbers: Mike Fuselier, Gerome Pouvreau, Enzo Oddo, and Markus Jung.

Good job Bogdan, Venga!

May 1st is a special day for Romania’s climbing community.

Geaorge StroieFor thirteen years straight, it was the date of the country’s main climbing competition, HCO.
However, due to logistic and meteorological reasons, HCO was moved to September. Still, every passionate Romanian rock-climber knows that May 1st is the day the community will be present in the Cerna Valley. We hope that climbing on May 1st will remain a tradition and a national gathering of our climbing community. See you there!

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More climbers come to Herculane

Markus Jung
Markus Jung

Lately more foreign climbers come to Herculane. most of them come because Petzl RocTrip was here, they saw the photos, the movie and yes, it’s worth a visit. We are happy that also strong climbers come, recently we met german top climber, Markus Jung.

He flashed Viper-Viper(8a) and did Black Cobra(8a+/8b), Guri-Guri(8b) and Rusty Nail(8b+) all second go, after which he decided to try some projects. Between others, he tried the extension of Viper-Viper and described it like a 8a, into a 3 move 7B+/7C, another hard crimp and a 7b+ to the top, summing around 8c+. Let’s see who will grab the first ascent.